Smartphone interface for reporting research results to study participants

April 47, 2019

One of the themes that I worked on at Silent Spring Institute was on how to report complex personal data to our study participants. In the PROTECT study, mothers in Puerto Rico were tested for a host of environmental chemicals. Our job was to design a tool to report-back individual results to the participants.

While I was on the project, I designed and implemented a novel smartphone interface for communicating personal results to study participants. One aspect was designing a visualization that allowed participants to compare their results to other women in the study. Our approach uses a SinaPlot where the participant’s personal results are represented by an avatar that they chose when they enter their report.

Last May I left Silent Spring Institute to pursue graduate school, and I was happy to see that the tool was launched in October! To learn more, check out the article the PROTECT team wrote about the launch of the reports.

PROTECT Smartphone Interface